Why we don't compete with free.

Posted by Mike on Jul 16th 2016

I raced for years so I know firsthand there are two things racers chase...winning and free. 

Since then what I've learned is... there is a price to everything. Free has a cost. We as a business choose not to compete with free. We don't look down on anyone who gets a free deal. I get it, I once raced on Friday and lived until the next Friday on whatever was in that envelope at the end of the night. Anything that didn't cost me cash was awesome.


Sometimes I needed that free item in a hurry BUT I had to wait behind paying customers.

Sometimes that free part was free because it wasn't the quality of their competitors so to get my business they offered me this "free deal" BUT as soon as there was an issue I paid for it. In more than one way.

Sometimes you'd choose free because you didn't want to spend the money for it elsewhere BUT when that free parts breaks or fails it will hurt your pocketbook much worse than a quality product.

Free deals often don't last. One day it's free then the next it's not. Free isn't sustainable.

So when you tell me you get your stuff for free, I won't match it, argue with it, or shame you for it.

What I will do...continue to build a business worthy of paying for.

Why not give product out to "compete" you ask?

Quality, quality, quality.

Quality materials, quality staff, quality service. None of those things are free. If I cannot provide all of those things free doesn't matter.

I intent to build a business that is sustainable, competitively priced, and built on service and quality not quantity.

There are many ways I can help my customers that have no out of pocket cost to me but has value. Knowledge and troubleshooting don't cost anything but can often fix problems costing you money. Networking, I have built a large network of racing professionals that I am always happy to get you in touch with or work with you to get you what you need for your program.

You will see me at the track, I may be talking to a driver on a "free" program. I'm not bullying, selling, or guilting them into switching. I might be congratulating them, catching up, or just chatting with an old friend. Parts are just parts. The choice is the consumers to make.

We will be here when the cost of free becomes more than you're willing to pay.